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Take part by making an offering


You can take part by contributing any amount for rescuing the animals that would be killed.  There is no minimum amount. What is important is your intention to extend the lives of rescued animals and to bring benefits and well-being to all beings. 

Follow the steps below, it's very simple.

Follow the step by step:


Make your offering

Make the deposit via bank transfer, PIX or Pay Pal.

The bank transfer details are included on the form (link above)


Rename the bank receipt

For easier identification, please rename the receipt as your email address.

Ex.: if your email is, then rename the file to xpto.jpg


Fill out
the form

Access the form above, include your info and attach the bank receipt.

If you have questions, send an email to

Still have doubts? Click on the corresponding icon to watch a tutorial video on YouTube.

* How to obtain the receipt through your bank's application:

** How to attach the bank receipt to the form:

Become a volunteer


The practice of saving lives, essentially, is done by  volunteers who receive the offerings, buy and transport the animals, in addition to conducting the practice itself.

As the interest in participating has increased a lot, today we also have people who help us in receiving the offerings, in communication, and in the financial organization.

At the moment, anyone who can support us so that we can live stream the practice will be very welcome.

If you are interested, send an email to:

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